At Rainey Lightning Protection, our experienced engineers and technicians excel in providing top-notch design services for lightning protection systems. We begin with a thorough consultation, conducting a comprehensive lightning protection assessment of your property. Utilizing cutting-edge risk assessment software, we analyze and evaluate the lightning risk to determine the appropriate class of protection system required. Our design services encompass various aspects, including:

  • Soil resistance testing
  • On-site inspection and discussions with relevant personnel
  • Lightning risk assessment and management
  • Consideration of explosive areas (ATEX) to eliminate ignition sources
  • Review of existing documentation, designs, and drawings
  • Inspection and testing of lightning protection systems, earthing systems, bonding arrangements, and surge protection
  • Recommendations and cost estimations for complete protection systems to ensure compliance with ISEN 62035 standards
  • Coordinated design of lightning protection, surge protection, and earthing systems, accompanied by CAD drawings and system layouts
  • Provision of tender documentation and recommendations for protection systems to ISEN 62035 standard