Lightning Protection

Lightning damage can manifest in both direct and indirect forms. The combined use of structural lightning protection and internal surge lightning protection is crucial in safeguarding both human lives, property and systems against the destructive force of highintensity lightning strikes. 

Our systems function as a method to minimise and manage harm by establishing a low-resistance pathway for discharging lightning energy. The lightning protection systems exert control over electrical discharges by guiding them through a lowresistance route to the ground. This strategy prevents lightning from traversing through various structural components, consequently reducing the risk of fires and other types of damage. Rainey Lightning Protection’s lightning protection systems adhere rigorously to all prevailing compliance standards.

How It Works


During the initial consultation, our experienced engineers and technicians conduct a comprehensive lightning protection assessment for the property, both developing and existent. Then using an advanced risk assessment software, we determine the required class of lightning protection system. Each level within the risk assessment has different ramifications in terms of density of system.

Supply & Install

We supply and install materials and equipment for lightning protection manufactured to the highest standards. All our systems adhere to EN 50164 standards, further tested by third party certifiers. Our engineers are highly experienced and are not only trained to the code of practice but go through continuous training as part of our Continuous Development Program. While every effort is made to be accurate with design, in the case of a requirement to modifications on site, our engineers have experience to do so while still ensuring compliance.


Rainey’s specialist team offers comprehensive maintenance services. With annual inspections, testing, and maintenance as per ISEN 62305 standards, we ensure full protection and compliance for your insurance requirements. After the inspection, we provide a detailed report and certifications aligned with system installation standards.

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