Surge Protection

IS EN 62305 makes clear the need for a combined lightning protection solution including both structural and electronic systems protection. Electronic systems play a central role in nearly every facet of our daily lives, spanning from personal computers and office building management systems to continued service of processes in factories and data centres. 

The rapid and ongoing advancements in technology, have resulted in an environment where increasingly sensitive electronic systems form the backbone of our society. These vulnerabilities extend to a wide range of modern electronic systems. The primary threat to internal systems arises from transient overvoltages, which are characterized by abrupt and potentially devastating surges in voltage within the electrical network. These transient overvoltages result from lightning strikes, whether occurring between clouds or to the ground, even when they strike as far as a kilometre away. Such events induce lightning energy onto power, data, and signal lines.

How It Works


Taking the directive from part 1 of the code of practice that failure of internal systems (Damage Type D3) due to Lightning Electromagnetic Impulse (LEMP) is possible from a direct strike to the structure or indirect transient from a lightning strike. Our design team uses the results of the risk assessment and the Lightning Protection Zones (LPZ) concept within IS EN 62305-4. of each building to deploy co-orindated SPD systems to ensure continuous operation of critical systems in the event of a direct strike.

Supply & Install

We ensure that all surge protection devices are rated for the environment that they are intended and each device has the correct fusing system and meets the Wiring tolerances as laid down by ISEN62305. Only Rainey LP are certified under RECI for installation of surge protection systems to Irish regulations and EN 62305.


Surge protection devices are indispensable safeguards for our electronic systems in today’s technology driven world. To ensure their reliability and effectiveness, periodic maintenance and inspection are non negotiable. By doing so, you not only protect your valuable equipment and data but also contribute to a safer and more secure environment for both businesses and individuals. Regular care and attention to surge protection devices are investments in stability, security, and long-term cost savings.

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